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Getting Started with the ClanCats Container

Hey there, this is the more detailed version of the Quick Start found in the README file.

If you are not familiar with dependency injection containers read the Core Concepts.

Choosing the implementation

Of course how you implement the service container is completly up to you but you should at least decide if you want to compile the dependency graph or not. It is possible to mix a compiled container with dynamic service definitions but for the love of structuring things your really should stick with one way.

The key diffrence between

please consider the following setup.

We have 3 Classes: SpaceShip, Engine and Company:

class SpaceShip 
    public $engine;
    public $producer;

    public function __construct(Engine $engine, Company $producer)
        $this->engine = $engine;
        $this->producer = $producer;

Our beautiful SpaceShip knows two dependencies, 1. Its engine and 2. The company who built it.

class Engine 
    public $power = 10;

    public function setPower(int $power) : void
        $this->power = $power;

The engine object has no constructor arguments, but is able to mutate its power using the setPower method.

class Company 
    public $name;

    public function __construct(string $name)
        $this->name = $name;

And finally the company object constructs with a string which represents the companies name.


Create a new instance of the base container:

use ClanCats\Container\Container;

$contanier = new Container();

Note: Use the ContainerFactory to make use of the compilable ContainerBuilder.

$contanier->bind('producer', Company::class)
    ->arguments(['Massive Industries']);

Binds the company service under the name producer and add the constructor argument "Massive Industries".

echo $container->get('producer')->name; // "Massive Industries"

Bind the rest.

// bind the pulsedrive engine and set the power
// the boolean flag at the end indicated that this is 
// NOT a shared service.
$contanier->bind('pulsedrive', Engine::class, false)
    ->calls('setPower', [20]);

// bind a "shuttle" spaceship, inject the pulsedrive and 
// set the producer company 
$contanier->bind('shuttle', SpaceShip::class, false)
    ->arguments(['@pulsedrive', '@producer']);

When we are all set we can start creating shuttles:

$jumper1 = $container->get('shuttle');
$jumper2 = $container->get('shuttle');

// note: the producer is binded as
$jumper1->producer === $jumper1->producer; // true

Bind the captain to the service container.

$contanier->bind('malcolm', \Human::class)
    ->calls('setName', ['Reynolds']);

$container->get('malcolm'); // returns \Human instance

And what is a captain without his ship?..

$contanier->bind('firefly', \SpaceShip::class)

The @ character tells the container to resolve the dependency named malcolm.

echo $container->get('firefly')->ayeAye(); // aye aye captain Reynolds