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Composer Integration

It is possible to import container files from vendor packages through composer.

Importing container files from packages

This is done in two steps.

 1. Setup composer.json

First we need to tell composer to generate a container file map of our pacakages everytime we dump the autoloader:

    "scripts": {
        "post-autoload-dump": [

This will generate a container_map.php file in your vendor directory.

2. Setup the container factory.

Tell the container namespace where to look for the generated container_map.php file.

$namespace->importFromVendor(__DIR__ . '/vendor');

Exposing container files to composer

The otherway around, when you want to add container files to your library / pacakage.

The import name of the container files is dependet on your composer package. You will be able to use multiple container files but you have to define the main one.

let's think of a package structure as follows:


Inside the composer.json file we need to define what container files are available:

    "name": "acme/mypackage",
    "extra": {
        "container": {
            "@main": "package.ctn"
            "config": "config.ctn"

@main simply indicates our main container file which will recieve the import name of the package itself.

So inside a project that requires acme/mypackage and imports the vendor map we can import the main container file of acme/mypackage like this:

import acme/mypackage

The config container file can be imported like so:

import acme/mypackage/config