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Custom builded Implementation

Don't want to use container files but still want to compile / serialize the container? Then this is the implementation for you.

Json Container

In this particular example we are going to build our container using a json document.

Note: Read more about the Container Builder.

 Json Service definitions

As a first step we are going to create the json file that will define our services.

    "session": {
        "class": "Session",
        "arguments": [ "@session.adapter", ":session.lifetime" ]
    "session.adapter": {
        "class": "DatabaseSession",
        "arguments": ["@pdo"]

Now we can create a new ContainerFactory that will load the json data and forward it to the builder.

// create 
$factory = new \ClanCats\Container\ContainerFactory(__DIR__ . '/cache');

$container = $factory->create('JsonContainer', function($builder) use($services)
    // load the services from the json file into an array.
    $services = json_decode(trim(file_get_contents(__DIR__ . '/myservices.json')), true);

    // add the array to the container builder