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Ultra F***ing simple human readable data serialization.

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Human Input / Simple human readable data markup.

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name: "Hip"
type: "Markup language"
version: 1.0
tags: "markup", "serialization", "language"

Hip does not try to replace any data markups or create a new standard. The target of hip is to be readable and writable by non-technicals folks without out having to explain the syntax.


  • Why should I use this? Sorry dude I don't know.. This data parser is an experiment and will maybe be implemented into the ClanCatsFramework 2.1. If you are looking for an approved and stable data serialization format use YAML. If you believe Hip could be useful, feel free, every user makes me happy :)


This Hip parser is written in PHP using PSR-4 autoloading you can install it using composer.

    "mario-deluna/hip": "dev-master"


Encoding / Decoding

Decode a hip data string to an array:

Hip\Hip::decode( $hipString );

Encode an array to a hip data string:

Hip\Hip::decode( $myArray );

Reading / Writing files

Read hip file:

Hip\Hip::read( 'my/path/to/file.hip' );

Write hip file:

Hip\Hip::write( 'my/path/to/file.hip', $myArray );

Hip syntax

Simple key values

name: "Zaphod beeblebrox"
job: "President of the Galaxy"

wich equals

    "name": "Zaphod beeblebrox",
    "job": "President of the Galaxy"

Multi layer

    duration: 60
    ingredients: "eggs", "bacon", "cream", "leek"

wich equals

        "duration": 60,
        "ingredients": [ "eggs", "bacon", "cream", "leek" ]

Array lists

    name: "Guitar"
    strings: 6
    name: "Bass"
    strings: 4

wich equals

            "name": "Guitar",
            "strings": 6
            "name": "Bass",
            "strings": 4

data types

string: "Hello World"
integer: 42
float: 3.14
yepBool: yes
nopeBool: no
nothing: nil

wich equals

    "string": "Hello World",
    "integer": 42,
    "float": 3.14,
    "yepBool": true,
    "nopeBool": false,
    "nothing": null


  • Hip config object / utility
  • Automatic detect the level indicator ( space, tab etc. )
  • more tests...