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Container File Syntax

Container files are written in very simple meta language.


The language supports the following scalar types:

  • strings Single and double quoted. 'hello' & "world"
  • numbers float / double, int. 3.14, 42
  • booleans true and false.
  • null null


Parameters or configuration values can also be defined inside the container files. Currently its only possible to assign scalar values to a parameter. Array will probably follow in a future release.

A parameter is always prefixed with a : character.

:database.hostname: ""
:database.port: 7878
:database.cache: true

Service Defintion

A service definition is always named and must be prefixed with a @ character.

# <service name>: <class name>
@log.adapter: FileAdapter

The class name can contain the full namespace.

@log.adapter: Acme\Log\FileAdapter

When having really long namespaces this can get messy. Just like in PHP you can use namespaces.

use Acme\Log\FileAdapter

@log.adapter: FileAdapter

To keep things clean you can use multiple classes from one namespace just like in PHP7. (Note the diffrent braces.)

use Acme\Log\(

@log: Logger
@log.adapter: FileAdapter


Constructor arguments can be passed after the class name.

@dude: Person("Jeffery Lebowski")